Sexuality, Psychoanalytic Perspectives

2nd European Psychoanalytic Conference for
University Students – EPCUS

5 – 7 October‚ 2017
The EPF House
Brussels, Belgium

For all students in Europe who want to know more about the psychoanalytic perspectives on sexuality:

A 3-day trip throughout the History of sexuality, starting with Freud and ending in 2017, with new technologies.

Full of presentations, clinical examples, film and discussion.

In one of the most interesting cities of Europe: Brussels.


General Information

This conference is of interest for students at Universities especially in medicine, psychology and other cultural or language sciences.
All presentations will be held in English.

More details and the conference registration form is available at

Please register before 15th of September.

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This conference is organized by the EPF, the European Psychoanalytical Federation. It unites approximately 5000 analysts from all over Europe and some other countries.

It is a non-profit organization, fully independent and fully self supporting. Its major aim is to promote psychoanalysis and organizes many activities for example a yearly congress.